How Does Steam Carpet Cleaning Actually Work

Keeping carpets clean is often a difficult task, especially if one has kids or pets within the house. Most experts recommend steam carpet cleaning because the only method that not only cleans the carpet thoroughly but it also doesn’t cause damage to the fibers of the carpet because it doesn’t use any harsh chemicals as other carpet cleaning methods do.

The frequency of how often you ought to get your carpet cleaned majorly depends on the business of your household but most experts say that one should get their carpets steam cleaned a minimum of once a year. the whole steam carpet cleaning process comprises of 9 main steps that are described below:

  1. High-Filtration Vacuuming

The first thing that ought to be done before anything is completed is learning to lose visible debris from the surface of the carpet. While you’ll have vacuumed the carpet using your household vacuum, the vacuum cleaners that steam carpet cleaning professionals usually have are of commercial strength and that they rid the surface of the carpet of the tiniest dust particles using high filtration vacuuming.

  1. Removal of Furniture

The process of steam carpet cleaning requires the space to be completely vacant. Most of the days the steam cleaning professionals that are available to try to do their job help the residents of the house in moving the furniture out of the space but it’s advisable that you simply should move the furniture out of the space before the technicians arrive to avoid any damages or breakages.

  1. Stain Removal

The first step within the steam cleaning process is that the removal of visible stains. your carpet may have stains from spills etc. If that’s the case, the professionals from the steam cleaning company will use professional cleaning products to rid the thing of these stains before they proceed with other procedures.

  1. Pre-Spraying

Before the recent water extraction process, the professionals will apply a pre-spray to the surface of the carpet which can help in loosening and removing all the grime and oils which may be stuck within the fibers. This step is crucial as, without it, the water extraction method won’t be ready to rid the carpet of all kinds of pollutants.

  1. Extraction of predicament

The carpet cleaner is going to be employing a professional predicament extraction machine to thoroughly clean the carpet using steam. The solutions used for cleaning are propelled into the fibers of the carpet that find yourself breaking down the dust particles after which a vacuum is employed to extract it all.

  1. Rinsing

The rinsing process is additionally administered using the extraction machine to form sure that there’s no residue and no cleaning solutions left behind.

  1. Usage of Protective Tabs

Using Styrofoam blocks and foil tabs under the legs of the furniture, your cleaner will move them back to where they’re alleged to be. This step is essentially deemed necessary so that there’s no color seepage from the furniture to the carpet when it’s still wet. Once that is completely dry, these protective tabs are often removed.

  1. Raking

In the end, the steam cleaning technician will confirm that there are not any tangles or fibers lying within the wrong direction employing a carpet rake.

  1. Overshoes

The carpet cleaning technician will provide you with overshoes so that you’ll wear them if you would like to steer over the carpet when it’s wet.

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